Municipal Law

Representation of Local Governments

Municipalities and local governments can trust that, with our services, they can protect their interests and efficiently resolve legal matters so that they can move on to other concerns. We understand that management and governing is complex and time consuming. It is our job to help local governments resolve matters quickly so that they can continue to shape policy objectives and focus on positive change instead of litigation or legal technicalities.

Our attorneys advise local government entities throughout Illinois area regarding various legal issues, such as statutory compliance and provide training for newly minted public servants and officials. The attorneys at Giffin Winning offer an extraordinary level of proficiency and professional knowledge in the field of municipal law and related areas of practice. Our attorneys are qualified to draft and negotiate a wide range of legal instruments, including leases and intergovernmental contracts on behalf of municipal clients. In addition, the attorneys are equipped to assist their clients in the preparation of proposed legislation, ordinances, resolutions, as well as with the creation and revision of the clients’ own internal policies and bylaws.

Stressing practical advice to elected officials and supervisory employees, our attorneys provide in-house and on-site seminars for our clients. From simple questions regarding the proper conduct of public meetings to complex issues involving litigation defense, large scale labor negotiations with the uniformed services to compliance with competitive bidding procedures for multi-million dollar contracts, Giffin Winning’s attorneys rely on their years of experience to provide their public entity clients with high caliber, efficient, and trustworthy representation of their unique legal needs and interests.”

Our municipal law attorneys represent:

  • counties,
  • municipalities,
  • townships,
  • other taxing districts, and
  • zoning hearing boards.

Our lawyers serve as general counsel and as special counsel to public entities and represent your interests in all venues - before Federal, state and local courts; state agencies; and other administrative bodies. Our attorneys offer substantive expertise in all areas of municipal law. We have handled numerous matters on behalf of our public clients throughout the years.

Legal services we provide to government entities include:

  • representation at council meetings
  • drafting of contracts and agreements
  • labor agreements and negotiations
  • arbitration
  • budgeting
  • construction matters
  • Open Meetings Act
  • Freedom of Information Act
  • contract negotiations
  • bid questions
  • land use and zoning issues, including enforcement and appeals
  • reduction in staff
  • subdivision and land development
  • ordinances
  • resolutions
  • commercial real estate development
  • eminent domain
  • collections
  • contract preparation and interpretation
  • code enforcement
  • personnel matters
  • redevelopment plans adoptions and amendments
  • property acquisition strategy and negotiations
  • issuance of bonds
  • general plan updates and amendments
  • Tax Increment Financing issues (TIF)

We understand the importance of staying up to date on the latest developments in state law. As developments arise we advise you on how the law pertains to your local government. Many of our attorneys hold memberships in the municipal law section of the Illinois State Bar Association. Further, when we are not speaking at seminars on local government topics, we regularly attend seminars on municipal topics, both on a state and local level, and subscribe to several municipal law publications.

Our municipal law practice is designed to provide thorough and practical legal advice to entities faced with a wide variety of legal and governmental issues. Our efforts are designed to support local officials by offering them guidance, but only when needed. Further, we provide legal representation with an approach that is also fair to citizens and sensitive to their concerns.

The leaders of today’s municipalities need sound legal advice that can anticipate and address the requirements of today’s challenges. Let Giffin Winning provide you with the service and commitment that your municipality needs to successfully serve its constituents.”

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